2017 FALL bY-elections - élections partielles automne 2017

Erika Copeland - ELECTED
Yes/Oui: 34
No/non: 2

Matthew Garber - APPOINTED

Philippe Lambert - ELECTED
Yes/oui: 33
No/non: 2
Abstain/abstention: 1

Camille Le Gall: 27 - ELECTED
Nicholas Benoit: 7
Abstain/abstentions: 2

2017-2018 Electoral Platforms

The following are the electoral platforms used by each member of the executive team during the 2017-2018 academic year elections. 

President – Morgan Oda

Dear Psych Students,

My name is Morgan Oda, and I am in my third year of the Honours BA Specialization in Psychology program with a minor in Communication Studies. I have served on the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) as Director of Promotions and Marketing and I have been VP of Communications over the past year. I am writing this because I want to represent you next year as President of the PSA, and I hope to convince you to vote for me. You’re reading this because (ideally), you care about the student experience and want to be represented by the person you feel will do the best job. A lot of people, however, won’t read this platform because they’re either a) uninformed or b) feel as if student government can’t adequately represent them/work to better their time in university. I would like to change that. If I am elected to presidency, I will aim to increase the role that the PSA plays in students’ lives and act with the following goals in mind:

  1. Increasing interest in the PSA’s events and initiatives alongside other PSA Executive members by
    • Making sure that PSA events and initiatives are diverse – bar nights are great, but not for everyone! We need more events that reflect the varied interest of psychology students;
    • Aiding the Executive to advertise PSA’s upcoming events and initiatives through different channels; 
  2. Maintaining and improving the professional reputation of the PSA by
    • Corresponding/collaborating with the School of Psychology and the Graduate Association of Students in Psychology (GASP) to provide undergraduate students with pertinent information/events; 
    • Holding Executive Members to high standards of professionalism when planning and executing events, and when interacting with others;
    • Possessing the tools needed to respond to students’ needs or to direct students to appropriate resources when I cannot be of assistance;
  3. Maintaining a sense of community and inclusion amongst psychology students by 
    • Ensuring that PSA events and initiatives are accessible and relevant to students’ lives;
    • Earning psychology students’ trust by acting with integrity and being transparent while encouraging other Executive Members to do the same;  
    • Creating a collaborative and motivational environment wherein PSA Executives may perform to their full potential.

From March 22nd-23rd, vote “Yes” to have me represent you as the President of your student federation because I care about YOUR experience, and I know that I can get the job done well!

Vice President of Internal Affairs – Julia Malette

Hi everyone! My name is Julia Malette and I am a third-year student in the Honours Bachelor of Arts Immersion program with a specialization in Psychology. I am re-running for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. I have been involved with the PSA for the past two years; this past year, I have held the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs, and last year, I was a 101 Week guide, as well as a volunteer throughout the year. I decided to become involved with the Psychology Students’ Association because as a 101er in my first year, I had an amazing experience, and I wanted to be a part of offering this experience to other psychology students. At the time, I did not realize that becoming involved would turn out to be one of the best decisions I’d ever made! Since then, I have participated in and helped organize various social, philanthropic, and academic events, I have conducted two successful Psych Wear orders, I have coordinated several volunteer opportunities, and I have encouraged Psychology students to get involved! If elected VP Internal Affairs, I will:

  • Create new eye-catching and comfortable Psych Wear orders and be open to any feedback that will enhance the quality of our orders;
  • Maintain communication with PSA volunteers through a Facebook group, and accept applications throughout the year, making it easy for you to get involved whenever it is convenient for you;
  • Ensure that your time as a volunteer is a rewarding one by organizing amazing volunteer appreciation events to thank YOU for being involved! Many of the events that are hosted by the PSA could not be done without the help of the numerous volunteers and you deserve recognition;
  • Extend my assistance to the future President of the PSA, and step in as President should he or she be unable to complete his or her term; and
  • Implement a General Assembly. As Psychology students, I believe that YOUR voice deserves to be heard, and this can be done through the execution of a General Assembly. The PSA has never hosted a General Assembly, and I want to begin this annual initiative. With a General Assembly, you will be able to submit motions, discuss the PSA Constitution, and present your opinion on different aspects of the PSA. 

I would love to represent you as VP Internal Affairs, so on March 22-23, come out and vote to elect a Vice President of Internal Affairs that represents YOU!

Vice President of Communications - Philippe Lambert

My name is Philippe Lambert and I'm entering into my 5th year of my Honours Psychology program this fall. As I have previously served in an Interim capacity during the summer months, I am now looking to becoming your Vice President of Communications for the entirety of the 2017-2018 academic year.  

I believe a website is the face of an organization and it should be an invaluable and easy-to-use resource for undergraduates to find the information they need regarding the field, the university and the PSA. Over the summer months as your Interim V.P of Communications, I have worked to and successfully revamped the PSA’s website from it’s out-dated version and moved it to a new, modern platform but there are still a couple of items left to do and I need your help in order for me to finish the job! 

If chosen as your V.P. of Communications, I wish to:

  • Finish the website to make it an enjoyable, fluid, bilingual and informative experience that reflects the PSA and all that it stands for in servicing psychology students
  • Ensure effective communications in French and English between the PSAÉP and psychology students

Vice President of Financial Affairs – Susan Hwang

To my fellow psychology students, my name is Susan Hwang and I would like to represent you as the Vice President of Financial Affairs of the Psychology Student Association (PSA) for the 2017/2018 academic year. I am currently a third year student in the BSc Specialization in Psychology. 

I became involved with the PSA since May 2016, when I served as the first Director of Logistics and I have been serving as your Vice President of Financial Affairs since October 2016.

As VP of Financial Affairs, I maintained accurate and complete financial records, managed PSA funds, and maintained a scholarship system with the VP of University Affairs. I ensured that we were spending funds wisely by sharing a spreadsheet of all our current spending with the executive so we were never over budget. 

If I have the chance to continue being your VP of Financial Affairs I will:

  • *Set up a system where we can accept credit cards
  • Ensure that the PSA is never in a position of financial deficit
  • Work with integrity
  • Support the executive with their mandates that involve bringing you events, services, and opportunities to make the most of your undergraduate years

It would be an honour and privilege to serve a second term as the VP of Financial Affairs and represent you. I hope to receive your support in the upcoming elections from Thursday March 22-23.

Vice President of University Affairs – Shelbi Crocker

Many students face challenges regarding the steps they need to take to pursue their academic and future career goals. It can be overwhelming to make decisions about your future when you don’t know where to access the resources to do so. I firmly believe it is the university’s responsibility to provide students with the means necessary to carry out their ambitions. As Vice President of University Affairs for the Psychology Students’ Association, I plan to prioritize connecting psychology students to the various resources, opportunities, and events that will help them to succeed in achieving their goals.

While continuing to host events such as Wine & Cheese and Psychology Week, I also plan to host workshops throughout the year regarding various topics with students’ input always in mind. With these workshops, I want to provide answers to common questions regarding graduate studies, volunteering experience, and other topics students are interested in learning more about. I aim to maintain and improve the academic resources provided on the Psychology Students’ Association’s website, and will promote frequent sharing of these resources to students through social media, emails, and other relevant mediums.

The scholarship program is highly valued by students and its maintenance is crucial. Scholarships should reflect the needs of the students in the Psychology program. I will advocate for increases in scholarship funding and/or number of winners whenever possible. Most importantly, I will always encourage feedback from students regarding resources, events, courses and the Psychology program to provide students with a better university experience. I will also ensure that any ideas suggested by students to improve the Psychology program are recognized in executive meetings and by administrative bodies through the School of Psychology Council.

You, as psychology students, deserve to be able to get the most out of your program. With me as your Vice President of University Affairs, you can be assured that you will have the experience and education you need to have a successful and gratifying academic career! 

VP of Social Affairs – Cori Trandafir

Hey everyone,

My name is Cori Trandafir and I want to continue to be your VP of Social Affairs for the 2017-2018 school year. This past year has been filled with some amazing wet and dry events with great turnouts, and they have only gotten better as the year has gone by. With your vote, I will continue to make the Psychology Students’ Association’s events some of the best on campus by accomplishing the following:

  1. Continue to host fun-filled social events to let students unwind and make connections to round out that essential university experience
    • 101 Week: Provide a variety of wet and dry events like themed bar nights and beach days to help 101ers have the best start to university possible;
    • Naughty 90’s and Middle School Dance: continue the psych tradition of having the best throwbacks served with the best drinks at 1848 twice a year;
    • Inter-faculty events: plan even more events such as the Saunders Farm Halloween event and the Montreal trip with other faculties to help students create even more connections on campus.
  2.  Provide volunteer opportunities for students looking to get involved with the PSA
    • Select the best guides to help ensure 101 Week runs as smooth as possible;
    • Create committees and appoint project coordinators to help organize and run social events

Vice President of Philanthropy and Activism - Camille Le Gall

Dear Psychology Students, my name is Camille Le Gall and I am a 4th year student in Psychology (B.Sc). 

PSA has directed many philantropic activities such as Youth Services Bureau's SleepOUT for Youth and Shinerama. I have attended Shinerama and other philantropic events as a student and I wish to enroll more people in participating to this events.

Also, as I have experience organizing events, I would like to direct other philanthropic events where we could raise money for an association relating to psychology/mental health and dear to student's heart.Your opinion counts a lot to me!

By electing me, we can all work together to make the our philantropic community better.

Council Members

Stéphanie Manoni-Millar

Hello to all the wonderful people of psychology. My name is Stéphanie Manoni-Millar and I am seeking your support for the position of Council Member of the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) for the 2017/2018 school year. As council member I would represent the students at the School of Psychology and would have a vote in matters pertaining to our department. I am currently in my third year of the Honours Bachelor of Arts specialization in Psychology. In the past three years I have had the chance to be involved with the PSA by actively assisting in the planning and execution of 101 week, held the position of VP Philanthropic affairs and Activism where I mobilized several teams of students to participate in the SleepOUT for youth homelessness and raised several thousands of dollars for Shinerama, and formerly held the position of council member in 2015/16. As a student who has previously been involved at the level of department and student association, I believe that I understand the needs of students and will effectively ensure that the student voice is heard at an administrative level.

If elected as council member I will…

  • Work in tandem with the department and association to have more professor turn out and promotion within the department for networking events such as Wine & Cheese;
  • Strongly and passionately address issues that affect us as students;
  • Create a platform where students are able to discuss their concerns and voice opinion in order to best represent your needs.

Stephanie Norlock

My name is Stephanie Norlock, and I am a second year student completing my honours degree in Psychology (Bsc.). I am running for the position of Council Member for the 2017-2018 academic year, and it is my first time running for a position on the PSA. I want to breathe new life into this role by not only fulfilling my duty as a proxy between psychology students and the directors of the School of Psychology, but also being a loud and influential voice for student needs. I would like the position of council member to be widely recognized by the student body as a primary advocate inside and outside of council meetings, regardless of their program within the School of Psychology. This includes increasing advocacy for students in the Bachelor of Science program, as well as students who are studying in the French stream. By ensuring equal opportunities across programs within the School, we not only strengthen its collaborative power, but also optimize the student experience within it.


Erika Copeland

Welcome! My name is Erika Copeland and I’m currently completing my 3rd year in the Honours Bachelor of Arts specializing in Psychology in French immersion (RIF). As a working student, an academic, and an extravert, I understand how many of you want to have a well-rounded and healthy school year. My goal is to help contribute to a platform that can generate events and implement plans that let you make the most of your time at uOttawa. I want to represent your amazing thoughts on life in Psychology, so I am running for the Council Member position in the Psychology Students’ Association for the 2017/2018 year.

From my first day as a 101er, I enjoyed the environment that the PSAÉP and the psychology students created. Looking for opportunities to reach out and give back, I became a FedGuide for the SFUO in 2016 and I was a guide again this Fall for Psychology. Working together with the execs and other guides showed me how much we are capable of as a team.

Now if you’ll allow me, I hope to hear from all of you as Council Member and bring your ideas to the table at exec meetings. You’re as much a part of this team as we are; I want to know if you need more workshops; desire more social and networking events, or even if you want to meet with other students and discuss psychology.

As you review the candidates for the upcoming elections on October 4-5th, I sincerely hope you will consider me as your representative for this school year. Thank you!"