Have you ever wanted to be involved with the PSA? Here is your chance! It’s by-elections time!

The available positions are:

  • VP of Financial Affairs

  • VP of Communications

  • Director of Logistics

  • Director of Marketing and Promotions

  • Council Member

Nominations begin Monday, September 17th. If you are interested, please download and complete a nomination form which can be found here. In order to be eligible for candidacy, you are required to obtain 10 signatures from fellow University of Ottawa psychology students. The forms must be submitted to the PSA office (FSS2050) by Friday, September 21st at 11pm. Please take the time to read through the summary of all the different positions available and further instructions in our constitution.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Nomination Form:

Important Dates:

Nomination period: September 17th - 21st

Candidate Meeting: September 23nd

Campaign Period: September 24th-October 3rd

Voting Period: October 4th and 5th

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2018-2019 election results


  • Camille LeGall [ELECTED] - President

    • 31 YES, 3 NO, 1 ABSTENTION

  • Erika Copeland [ELECTED] - VP Internal Affairs

    • 34 YES, 1 NO, 0 ABSTENTIONS

  • Shaianne Young [ELECTED] - VP Philanthropy & Activism

    • 34 YES, 0 NO, 1 ABSTENTION

  • Stephanie Sorokan [ELECTED] - VP Social Affairs


  • Julia Lannace - VP University Affairs

    • 7 VOTES

  • Madison MacLachlan [ELECTED] - VP University Affairs

    • 28 VOTES

  • Magmiche Simon [APPOINTED] - Directrice du bilinguisme et de la traduction

  • Stephanie Norlock [ELECTED] - Council Member

    • 31 YES, 3 NO, 1 ABSTENTION

Thank you to all candidates who ran in the elections. Stay tuned for information on callouts for unfilled positions in the coming days!

2018-2019 Electoral Platforms


Hello! My name is Camille Le Gall, and I am running for President of the Psychology Students’ Association.

I am currently in my fourth year of Psychology (B.Sc.). In the past year, during my time as VP of Philanthropy and Activism, I came to realize how influential and amazing the Psychology Students’ Association can be and how deeply I care about the PSA community.

 As the President I will:

  • Ensure that every student feels satisfied and represented by PSA events. I wish to reach out to the first year students who often at times do not participate in our events as much as students in later years.

  • Create events to entertain and to provide learning opportunities for all. Think outside the box. While I want to keep in line with PSA’s tradition of certain events, I will encourage executives to be innovative and bring up new ideas. As an example, as VP of Philanthropy, I wanted to do a “dive-in” fundraiser.

  • Psychology is a broad subject that ranges from clinical child psychology to forensic psychology. I would like to collaborate with other students’ associations and organisations to broaden psychology learning opportunities!


Hello! My name is Erika Copeland and I’m currently in my third year in Honours Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Psychology. I am running for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs in the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) elections for the 2018-2019 year.

Over the last year, I acted as a council member for the School of Psychology, representing undergraduate psychology students. I was also a 101 Guide for incoming psychology students in September 2017 and helped realise a successful and eventful week. I seek to create a safe, creative, and welcoming environment for students.

If elected as VP of Internal affairs, I would offer new and returning students many opportunities to become involved and engaged with all that the PSA and the university has to offer. I will maintain a clean and inviting PSA office where students can approach members of the PSA with any questions or concerns. I also aim to continue with General Assemblies, which I believe are an important medium for students to meet the Executive and share opinions on the Constitution and current matters in psychology. Finally, I want to introduce exciting and comfortable Psych Wear orders, so students can proudly express themselves wherever they go.


As a third year student in psychology, I understand the importance of connecting students to opportunities in their field such as volunteering in labs, student conferences, and future career pathways. I have experience supporting students’ academic and mental health needs through years of mentoring on campus. I lead through authenticity, genuine caring, and my love for listening to the unique stories of others. I am an active member of the psychology community, and as VP University Affairs, I would like to strengthen the network between psychology students and the resources that support us!

The VP University Affairs plays a lead role students’ academic and career development by: organizing Wine and Cheese events, Psych Week events, the PSA Scholarships and also providing support to students concerning their program, grade reviews and academic appeals. If elected, I would aim to: increase professor turnout at our networking events by building a stronger relationship between professors and the PSA; maintain the fair process of scholarship selection and extend the promotional dates in order to give people more time to apply; support student mental health (which I believe is paramount to a positive and fulfilling university experience) by connecting  them to the resources they need.


The reason I chose the University of Ottawa for my studies was because of the diverse number of courses offered in comparison to other universities. There are a variety of classes that allow for students to fully experience all areas of psychology. If I were to be elected, I would prioritize the continued development of courses, as they allow for an enriched education that offers students with specific career goals a path to success. In addition, I plan to continue the successful scholarship program currently in place through advocating for as many funds as possible. I believe in accessible education, and as your VP of University Affairs, I will encourage scholarships that meet the needs of the students.

Furthermore, one of my main priorities would be helping you with any academic issues you have, along with also providing opportunity for advancement in your budding careers through a Wine and Cheese night. I am passionate about the psychology program here at the University of Ottawa so vote yes on March 15th and 16th to someone who cares about not only the improvement of this program, but of the input of its students.



My name is Shaianne Young, and I am a third year student completing my degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Management. I became an active volunteer for the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) after joining the program. In the past year, I served on the PSA as Director of Promotions and Marketing. During my directorship, I coordinated a PSA cheering station for the Canadian Army Run (CAR) in hopes of raising money that would go towards The Natasha's Wood Foundation. In the upcoming PSA election, I will be running for the position of VP Philanthropy and Activism.

If elected I would like to organize and execute Shinerama-related activities, a SleepOUT and Relay for Life psych team, and a cheering station for the CAR. Initiate fundraisers to provide opportunities for these participants to fundraise. Continue hosting the traditional trivia nights and coffeehouse events as well as introducing new fundraising events such as a Swim-In Movie and a St. Patty’s Social. Lastly, ensure all funds goes in support of psychology-related initiatives.

I’d love to represent in this upcoming year, so come vote on March 15-16!


Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am hoping to be your Vice President of Social Affairs as part of the Psychology Students’ Association for the upcoming school year. This past year, I was the appointed Director of Logistics for the PSA. I worked closely alongside the outgoing VP Social; which provided me with valuable relevant experience regarding the interpersonal connections a VP Social must establish, as well as other mandated responsibilities. If elected as VP Social of the PSA for the 2018/2019 year I hope to:

Plan and execute a successful and inclusive 101 Week to welcome new psychology students. Work with the VP Philanthropy to include philanthropic initiatives in as many social events as possible.

Continue hosting awesome events such as Naught 90s and Saunders Farm. Host active and wellness oriented social events such as dodgeball, yoga, and meditation. The social events I experienced in first year were the main reason I got involved with the PSA. If elected VP Social, I would strive to create experiences as memorable as the ones I participated in, to give students a way to wind down and also get involved in their amazing faculty!


Hello! My name is Stephanie Norlock, and I am rerunning for the position of Council Member for the 2018-2019 year. I am a third year Psychology (Bsc.) student with a passion for catalyzing change within my academic community.

This past term, I have had the pleasure of serving as a representative for undergraduate students during School of Psychology council meetings, where I have actively advocated for program optimization and further transparency from School executive. If re-elected, my continued focus as Council Member involves being a strong voice for all undergraduate psychology students; this includes students in the science and French streams. Furthermore, if re-elected, I pledge to continue the development of Council Reports, which will provide an accessible, central location for undergraduate students to read up on recent developments within the School of Psychology. Ultimately, these goals will help undergraduate students make informed academic choices as they advance with their degrees, as well as help them develop a heightened sense of agency as a student body within their department.

As always, thank you for your time and consideration.