Élections Partielles 2019-2020


2019-2020 By-Election information

Have you ever wanted to be involved with the PSA?

Here is your chance! It's by-elections time! 


The running candidates are:

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  1.  VP of University Affairs 

    • Organizing (1) Wine and Cheese per semester, organizing psychology week, and holding office hours to help students with academic issues.

      • Angelica Pileci

        • Hello!

          My name is Angelica Pileci and I’m in my fourth year of Psychology, with a minor in FLS.

          I’m very excited to be running for VP of University Affairs! Since I’m in fourth year, I’m

          confident that I can help students with academic issues in the psychology program. I plan on

          making a box to keep in the PSAÉP office, for students to leave their suggestions or questions. I

          will also give out my email to answer questions outside of my office hours, to help students find

          opportunities that’ll help their career paths and interests. This year I studied in France, so I can

          help others navigate how they could continue with psychology while studying abroad. This

          position also involves organizing Psychology Week and Wine and Cheese nights; my goal is to

          make students feel more comfortable interacting with their professors and other students. I will

          make these events accessible and bilingual to accommodate to everyone. My priority is to

          support other psychology students. I understand that this position entails a lot of work but I am

          ready for it. I look forward to collaborating with others in this exciting position to enhance the

          experience of psychology students!

  2. VP of Equity

    • Working with all members of the executive to ensure that PSA events are as inclusive, accessible, and sustainable as possible

      • Jessyca Lai

        • My name is Jessyca Lai and I am campaigning for the position of VP Equity. I am interested in this role

          because I know how important it is for a council to best represent it’s given demographic, and I would

          be honoured to speak on behalf of the students from diverse walks of life on the PSA and to offer all

          students accessibility to resources and events.

          As your VP Equity, I will do my very best towards providing information to more relevant mental health

          services by compiling a list of resources that will be accessible through the PSA office or website. These

          detailed resources will not be limited to those offered by the university but will extend to other off

          campus organizations and sources that can also serve the LGBTQSA2S+, Inuit, Métis and first nations

          communities , and serve individuals in multiple languages not restricted to French or English. Mental

          health affects everyone in some way, shape or form, no matter the individual’s background or

          circumstances, so not only do I want to be able to project the voices of those who aren’t heard, but I

          want to be able to help and provide a safe space for them and all the individuals of the Psychology

          student body. From my own background of growing up in a visual arts community, I have seen firsthand

          what an inclusive and accepting space is like and how important it is to promote and make sure that all

          students feel safe and comfortable in an environment that allows them to express themselves and to

          belong to. I hope that by being able to provide this inclusive space to all our students that it encourages

          everyone to participate in the PSA’s activities and make the most of their student lives without any

          limiting barriers to hold them back from reaching their fullest potential.

  3. Director of Bilingualism 

    • Ensuring all PSA initiatives reflect both official languages of the University of Ottawa, as well as organizing at least (1) Francophone event.

  4. Director of Marketing and Promotions

    • Creating and distributing promotional materials for PSA initiatives through social media platforms.

5. Council Member (2)

  • Representing the interests of the undergraduate psychology students at The School of Psychology School Council meetings

Psych (Promo - Taylor Emerson).jpg
    • Taylor Emerson

      • As a fifth year student in Honours Psychology and Minor in Criminology, I have both

        experience and knowledge within our faculty. From this experience, I have created

        relationships with many professors, have learned the inner workings of the PSAÉP and

        the university, and have experienced the benefits of undergraduate voices.

        As a council member, I believe it is important to ensure that information from the School

        of Psychology is readily available and easily accessible to our students by creating an e-

        newsletter with updated information. I want to ensure that there are more options for

        those students who are in the French stream, create more opportunities for qualitative and

        quantitative research, and facilitate greater and increasing collaborative connections

        between students and faculty. In order to ensure your voice is heard, I will work with VP

        of University Affairs to create open events for student discussion and input.

        I would be honoured to continue the work of previous council members by representing

        the voices of undergraduate students and incorporating our views with those of professors

        who are also devoted to making the University of Ottawa a better place.

        Thank you for reading my platform! On October 10 th -11 th vote YES to Taylor Emerson!

  • Michelle Bertrand

    • Hello! My name is Michelle Bertrand and I am from a Fredericton, New-Brunswick. I am currently in my

      fourth year at the University of Ottawa completing my honours degree in psychology and have great

      desire to share what I have learned throughout my studies with other students to enhance their

      university experience as well as providing guidance for any issues they might encounter. I will

      not only be available to talk to on various social media platforms (Instagram, fakebook, twitter)

      and face to face but I will also be able to refer you to the needed services that are available that

      could be of help if need be. I am a keen worker, responsible and organised. I am also a people

      person and I am very attentive to the concerns of others. If you decide to elect me as a council

      member for the Psychology student association 2019-2020, I can guaranty 100% effort and

      dedication to satisfy student needs by also providing a bilingual service and sense of acceptance

      for all students by offering guidance in person and online.

  • Jeremy Oueis

    • If elected council member, I will:

      1. Create a Forum for Undergraduate Students

      a. During my time as a council member, I will regularly meet with undergraduate students

      to receive feedback and make our program stronger.

      b. Apart from using office hours to meet with students, I will propose to the School’s

      administration to have regularly scheduled events where students can meet with council

      members to discuss important issues and potential solutions.

      c. Council members can then more efficiently address the concerns of psychology students

      at School Council meetings.

      2. Ensure that the Psychology Program is More Student-Representative

      a. Before making any decisions that will affect the faculty alongside other council members,

      I will propose a voting system to the School’s administration that will more effectively

      represent the students’ interests.

      b. In collaboration with the Executive and approval of the School’s administration, I hope to

      achieve an interactive online-voting system for undergraduate students on the PSAÉP

      website in which students’ viewpoints can be accounted for when making informed


      3. Help Improve the Quality of Undergraduate Courses

      a. I will collaborate with the Executive to examine the results of the surveys regarding the

      quality of courses and will professionally


The Campaigning period has started and will end on October 8th.

There will be a debate taking place with all candidates on Sunday October 6th.

Please take the time to read through the summary of all the different positions available and further instructions in our constitution:


If you have any questions, please contact

By-election dates: 

Nomination period: September 23rd-27th 

Campaign meeting: September 28th

Campaigning period: September 30th – October 8th

Debate: Sunday October 6th at 5:30 pm ( at the FSS coliseum)

Voting: Thursday October 10th and Friday October 11th