Elections 2019-2020

Elections 2019-2020

Have you ever wanted to be involved with the PSA? Here is your chance! It's by-elections time! 

The available positions are:


VP of Philanthropy

VP of Internal Affairs

VP of Financial Affairs

VP of Social Affairs

VP of Communications

VP of University Affairs

Director of Bilingualism and Translation

Director of Marketing and Promotions

Director of Logistics

Council Member(3)

Nominations begin  Monday, March 4th. If you are interested, please download and complete a nomination form which can be found here. In order to be eligible for candidacy, you are required to obtain 10 signatures from fellow University of Ottawa psychology students. The forms must be submitted to the PSA office (FSS2050) by Friday, March 15th at 11pm. Please take the time to read through the summary of all the different positions available and further instructions in our constitution!

If you have any questions, please contact president@psaep.ca