Mental Health Resources

You are not alone. Here are some resources if you or someone you know are struggling.

University life comes with a variety of pressures and stresses that can come to affect your mental health. 

The university and the community offer a variety of resources in order to deal with this stress and prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed. However, If you end up feeling overwhelmed and/or distressed, please do not hesitate to ask for help. 

A little known fact: You can call a distress line on behalf of someone in crisis to receive directions, help and advice. 

The uOttawa Student Guide to Mental Health Resources

The University of Ottawa Mental Health Awareness Society (UOMHAS) has released an informative guide to mental health and academic resources available to students. You can find it here.


List of University and Community Resources

Crisis (immediate need)

  • Protection Services (on Campus Emergency): (613) 562-5411
  • Your nearest Hospital emergency room- If you cannot reach a hospital in time, call 911. 
  • Police/EMS/Fire: dial 911
  • Crisis Line
    • (613) 722-6914 (Ottawa)
    • (1-866) 996-0991 (Toll-free)
  • Tel-Aide Outaouais
    • (613) 741-6433 (Ottawa)
    • (819) 775-3223 (Gatineau)
    • 1+(800) 567-9699 (Toll-free)

University Services

Community Services

  • Canadian Mental Health Association: (613) 737-7791
  • Distress Centre: (613) 238-3311 (24 hours)
  • Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre: (613) 722-6521
  • Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre: 613-562-2333
  • Mental Health Crisis Line: 613-722-6914 (24 hours)
  • Youth Services Bureau:
    • YSB Mental Health Services: (613) 562-3004
    • 24/7 Crisis Line: (613) 260-2360

For More Resources…

  • CMHA Resources:
  • E-Mental Health Resources:
    • “In addition to the resources above, other ways to seek help include…
      • Calling a family member.
      • Calling a close friend.
      • Call your doctor.
      • Call 911.

      If you have a friend or family member in crisis, consider doing the following:

      • If you are worried that s/he is suicidal, then do not leave him/her alone. Get help immediately — call 911.
      • Call a local crisis line for advice.
      • Call 911
      • Call a friend or family member to help support you!”

If you have any other questions, contact us.